London Calling

Exibition: London Calling (14-16 June 2001) Sónar Festival, CCCB: Centre de Cultura Contemporánea de Barcelona.

“London Calling” – Mongrel

In 2001 Sónar dedicated SonarMática, the multimedia exhibition of the festival, to the British capital through an overview called ‘Invisible London’. Within the framework of that exhibition, Roberta Bosco and Stefano Caldana, two journalists specialised in multimedia art, presented :: London Calling :: (2003 edition, now only at a selection of websites by London artists who use the Internet as a support, medium and content of the their works. […] SonarOnline presents an updated version of this list as well as an exclusive interview of Roberta Bosco and Stefano Caldana for the Sónar users.


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A selection of presented by Roberta Bosco and Stefano Caldana

Michael Atavar ->
Four projects that explore the emotional potential of information technology.

Anna Best :: Error 404 ->
The incredible voyage of Mrs. L. from Bollywood to the Miracles Centre in a ballet of texts and images of great visual impact.

Tom Betts :: Webtracer ->
Software that enables us to visualise the structure of the web in the form of a three dimensional molecular diagram.

David Bickerstaff :: AtomicTV ->
A platform of creation and debate where interactive works and the reflections of the artist converge.

Danny Brown :: Noodlebox ->
A very entertaining environment that explores the current limits of web design.

Heath Bunting :: Visitor´s Guide to London ->
A very entertaining environment that explores the current limits of web design.

Coldcut :: Ninja Tune ->
This is his label website where he investigates all possible interactions between images and sounds.
Interactive console -> (Lost link)

Pete Everett ->
An online centred on interface design, generative music and games.

Andrew Forbes -> (Lost link, only at
The website of one of the founders of the famous (Lost link, only at collective.

Andi Freeman ->
An artist who explores the interconnections between music and online creativity.
Earshot ->
This is a navigator that explores and enables us to surf the audio content of a web page.

I/O/D :: The Web Stalker ->
The prize winning alternative navigator that spurned browser art.

Mongrel -> (Lost link, only at [Project documentation at Graham Harwood and Matsuko Yokokoji].
A collective whose artistic practice is politically involved and based on a profound understanding of technological instruments.

Jane Prophet :: Technosphere -> (Lost link, only at
The first artificial life environment that can be accessed via the Internet where users can give life to their very own creatures.

Stanza :: Soundtoys ->
An Internet application that allows you to produce musical compositions in real time.
The Central City ->
A spectacular constantly evolving multimedia collage on London.

Thomson & Craighead ->
Conceptual projects based on the manipulation of pre-existing data.
Triggerhappy -> (an emulated version of the work). [Project documentation at Thomson&Craighead]
A project based on the Space Invaders code, but this time the struggle is against statements on art and the concept of authorship.

Adrian Ward -> (Lost link, only at
The projects of the winner of the last edition of Transmediale in the software category with Auto-illustrator.
Auto-Illustrator -> (Lost link, only at

(*) all the links updated on february 2016.