Exhibition: (September, 24th 2009 – January, 11th 2010) LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial (Gijón).

logoasino300, the winning work of LABoral’s Digital_LAB Open Call, by Cristian Bettini a.k.a. P.ankh, is a project with an installative and a virtual dimension, perfectly combined, that also spreads itself across the land of Asturias, bringing the centre -in all senses of the world- to the periphery. Its strength resides in its open and dynamic nature and in its multiple potentialities, arising directly from its interaction with the surroundings.


The super-computerized donkey and its travelleing companion for a multidisciplinary work, a mixture of performance, telematics and media art, accesible through the Internet from any point of the planet, and endowed with interactive exhibition space in LABoral.


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It is a project in movement and constant evolution, that reconciles nature and technology, creating a new sinergy and a new rhythm between them, by travelling, searching and rediscovering the territory from an artistic poitn of view.

Minuto, the donkey, carries computer, modem, GPS ans a system of solar panels and Cristian, the artist, takes the cameras. The animal supplies instinct and rhythm and the man, creativity, passion and logic. Together they become an unusual interface between Asturias and the rest of the world.


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Their adventures and travels, related by photographs, brief texts and videos, make up a dynamic online diary. Nonetheless, unlike similar projects, gives to everybody the chance to participate in the travel’s evolution, virtually through the web and physically through the installation placed at LABoral. in this way, the web and the installation grow and evolve during the course of the journey, thanks to the contributions of the artist and his followers and the interaction among them. An interaction that contributes to set the character of the travel and to tie invisible links between LABoral and its widespread public.

The idea is to give shape to different maps of Asturias and to investigate new ways to live technology, tightening the links between physical abd virtual reality and creating the new reality required by the contemporary human being.


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Artist: Cristian Bettini a.k.a. P.ankh
Curators: Roberta Bosco y Stefano Caldana (Lost link only in + Twitter.
The maps and the travel of Donkijote at EveryTrail.

In collaboration with: Martín Ruano Prieto (photography + Donkijote photo gallery) and Simona Marchesi.

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